• Responsibilities of a Best Web Hosting Company

    Best Web Hosting Company

    The company that is capable of achieving customer demands and fulfil all the expectations as a hosting provider is the one that truly deserves to be the best web-hosting company from the customer’s point of view. To help them in return, the customers would spread the word of mouth via forums and websites. This acts as a greater source of promotion for their business that creates much profit. Top5Hosting is one of the best web hosting UK companies.

    Every customer wants their websites to be running up to date with good performance. This is to provide information to the customers who may surf the net anytime. Here is a list of responsibilities that need to be performed by the web hosting providers.

    Monitoring the Servers

    Servers need to be monitored constantly and so the websites work on it properly without traffic. Every web hosting company should monitor the servers all the time 24/7. These hosting companies use complex scripts to monitoring. In the case of mishaps, an auto generated email would immediately be shot to the concerned people of the server administration departments, who then enquire about the problem and taken actions so that they rectify it within the minimum required time.

    Installation of Soft wares

    The hosting provider should provide essential software and its licenses for the client websites. The best hosting provider should take care of the testing, troubleshooting, and installation of the software for the websites of the client.

    Software Updates and Security Patch uploads: The web providers is responsible for updating the software and installing required security patches.

    Hardware Component’s upgrade

    The best hosting Provider Company should offer hosting packages or flexibility for downgrading. Upgrading becomes tough as well as essential for the smooth performance of the websites. The process of upgrade needs to be simple and also the customer should be shifted to the new server at the earliest without experiencing any downtime issues.